The new Zoo York promo just dropped and although they are still miles away from achieving another Mixtape, some of it is actually quite good. Of course you have to accept that you are in for a heavy dose of Chaz "The Steez" Ortiz but the fact that it's full of banging new Brandon Westgate footage and is entirely filmed in New York City kind of makes up for it. Plus Ricky Oyola makes a little appearance and Ron Deily's stuff is really sick. Dude's got a great flow and always manages to casually slip a few mind-blowing tricks in there. That half-cab noseslide to backside five-o on the curvy ledge for instance was insane. It's a bit of the shame that one of the best tricks of the video was in the trailer (Kevin Tierney's back lip front one 180 out) and it's hard not to miss seeing Eli/Zered footage but all in all it could have been a lot worse.