Dino's first somewhat 'official' video part came out in 2003 in the Finnish video mag Captured, issue 10. It's got one summer of footage, including Simo's first visit to Barcelona.

Dino came by the office and sat through the part, for the first time in almost 8 years. Some comments were scribbled down and posted here with the section.


Spread from an issue of Numero at the time, featuring a krook from Simo's part, and possibly the first photo I ever shot with him.

How do you feel about that?

Insane. Funny. I don't think I could do any of that now.

What do you think about watching old footage in general?

I mean, maybe later, like a lot later, it'll be funny, but right now it's still kind of embarrassing. It just looks like I had no clue...

What would you say were the highlights in there?

The pink griptape for sure. The Link shoes, and the spray painted orange Aeon shoes. The child grind on that small handrail...

Child grind?

Bs salad. Everyone can do it as a child, but later on it's impossible. I could never do that now. I tried that fakie pop shove it sw manual at Paral-lel when I was there a week ago, cause I remembered having filmed that line once. Couldn't do it.

You said that was the first time you went to Barcelona. Any memories from that trip?

It was just so much fun, from what I remember. Thinking about it now, I think we skated so many spots that were brand new back then and that are either gone or blown out now.

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