Thanks for letting us post your OAF section before the video is even out!

Haha! Yeah well, you know, Kingpin is just amazing, so...

It kind of looks a bit old to me though, I thought you could've filmed something new maybe, seeing as you're a professional now.

Well, few years back I worked a bit harder and now it's paying off. Footage wise I think I'll be ok for three more years. Of course I could put it all out now, but I think there is not enough space on the internet. Haha!

When was the last time you saw this thing?

Maybe three years ago?

It was filmed 8 years ago, in 2003. Have to say you look pretty much the same.

Yeah I guess I'd kind of found my style by then. You know we tried to have Outkast on it kind as a good joke. Suppose it was a bit too expensive for a joke.

You remember anything about the filming process for this?

Well, it wasn't actually filmed as a section at all. I was kind of just filming every day with this guy Raine, who ended up making this issue of the video mag with his friend Tommi. This was the first issue they made just by themselves. They sort of took over from Anssi and Mikko, who had been doing it up until then. So after a couple of months of filming, he just thought I had enough stuff for almost-a-close-up if I'd be up for that. I was.

In the same issue there are these close up features from Simo Mäkelä, Niko Ojanen and Eero Anttila as well. Did you know about that, and did that give you any pressure, like having to hold your own in an issue with them as well?

Nah, I never thought of if like that back then. Now maybe more so! Haha. I was just stoked to have a part. I used to watch these videos really carefully, to me they were like the Transworld videos of Finland, you know.

You've just completed your Antiz part. Was it any different filming that one? Did Paul and Hugo just tell you Oh, we have enough footage for a part, you want to do that and by the way we'll turn you pro as well?

Well, it was a little bit different, actually. For one thing I remember skating being a lot more fun when I was filming the Captured section! Haha. I didn't have time to think about what I was doing at the time. Skateboarding seemed pretty innocent to me back then, no goals or setting sights on bigger things. Just skate, turn on the camera.

The Captured part is about two months worth of footage. Did it take you a bit longer to complete the OAF section?

Yeah, I started filming for that maybe two and a half years ago. Actually I'd just started riding for Blind Europe and Sami told me there was a chance that the next Blind video would have a proper Euro section and that I could have a part in that. So I started filming for that, and then when I started riding for Antiz a bit later, I had that footage stashed away already. I think I have the "last tricks" from almost three years that I've put aside and kept, while at the same time making these Itä video parts from the leftovers.

The Antiz premiere is this weekend. Have you seen your part?

No, I mean I've chosen the tricks together with Polo [Paul Labadie] and he's put them on a time line with a song for me to have a look. But as far as I know he's still editing as we speak.

In other words you have no clue what's in your part in the end?

Ha! No, I guess I don't. But I trust him not to twist it around completely, though. He's always done a great job.

To return to the Captured section below, what are some of the tricks in it that you remember being hyped on?

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Antiz OAF premiers in Lyon this Saturday, May 7th. Check the dates for other European premiers here, and see the trailer here.