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Wes Kremer

This year's X-Games Real Street sections just went up and they include banging parts from Wes Kremer, Davis Torgerson, Evan Smith, Clint Walker, Mikey Taylor, Rodrigo Peterson, Dane Burman, Forrest Edwards and Riley Hawk. Click through at the bottom of the page to watch them all!

[part title="Clint Walker"]

[part title="Davis Torgerson"]

[part title="Tyler Surrey"]

[part title="Mikey Taylor"]

[part title="Evan Smith"]

[part title="Forrest Edwards"]

[part title="Riley Hawk"]

[part title="Dane Burman"]

[part title="Billy Marks"]

[part title="David Reyes"]

[part title="James Hardy"]

[part title="Nick Dompierre"]

[part title="Moose"]

[part title="Luis Tolentino"]

[part title="Rodrigo Petersen"]