Valeri Rosomako's part from Solo mag's Untergrund video project. He's taking the creative approach/weird tricks and spots game to new heights in this one! Plus Molly Nilsson song = must watch!! More on Vale and his part here.

Untergrund is a new video project by Solo mag. It's their attempt to shine a light on the current state of German street skating: Shred your hometown, local spots – no winter trips to warmer shores. Use what's around you is the name of the Untergrund game.

Solo will be releasing a part a week over the next two months. With a top notch cast (Glenn Michelfelder, Valeri Rosomako, Alex Ullmann, Kilian Zehnder, Norbert Szombati, Kenny Hopf, Stephan Pöhlmann, Tobi Fleischer) this is looking to be exciting. So make sure you stay tuned!

Also check Stuttgart's Glenn Michelfelder's part here

About Untergrund:

To cover the current state of skateboarding in the german-speaking area was the idea behind our first video Untergrund. Turn the parochial Germany into a place of desire. No palmtrees in the background, no spanish marble, no winter trips into the sun, only spots right in front of your doorstep. Germany turn up, show us what you got! Skate your hometown is the name oft he game to get a straight and versatile picture of the local scene. Hope the result gets you hyped to skate and to come to one of our premiere parties. For now we proudly present the protagonists of the video and say thanks to everybody involved into this project – the skaters, filmers, sponsors and everybody else who helped in any way.


Glenn Michelfelder

Valeri Rosomako

Alex Ullmann

Kilian Zehnder

Norbert Szombati

Kenny Hopf

Stephan Pöhlmann

Tobi Fleischer

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