Rich West, the photographer who was invited on this final Travel Light trip to document Tim Zom and Rob Maatman's Sardinian assault tells us what he made of it:

Describe your trip to Sardinia in one sentence: 

A week of constant abuse, haha.

Best tale from the trip?

Tim explaining how excited he was about buying a tommy gun.

Worst tale from your trip?

Having to spend pretty much a whole week with Sam Bailey. #hairyshowerwall

Any souvenirs?

No souvenirs sadly, just a bunch of scarred mental images.

Who travelled the lightest on your trip?

Probably Alex Irvine, his main luggage was his skateboard. Lazy Bastard.

Where would you have chosen to go if it was up to you? 

Probably Stockwell - don’t need to go anywhere else.

Best Sam Bailey story?

There are no good Sam Bailey stories.