Here's the Santa Cruz Euro Tour 2017 in full, featuring a little something for everyone.

"Ever want to spend a few weeks skateboarding in Europe with your good friends? That has always been the dream over here. And we are so stoked to invite you into the van for a look at how amazing and exhausting a tour through multiple countries can be. This reminds us of the amazing tours we'd watch in 411 way back when people still watched full videos. It's what skateboarding is made of. So grab yourself a coffee, kick the feet up and enjoy."

Featuring: Erick Winkowski, Tom Remillard, Eric Dressen, Kevin Braun, Jereme Knibbs and Tom Asta.

International riders: Justin Sommer, Kieran Menzies, Jelle Maatman, Helena Long, Dennis Van Der Klugt and Erik Müller.