POP Trading Company and LIVE Skateboard Media joined forces during last summer's heat wave in Berlin.

Featuring: Hugo Snelooper, Alex Raeymaekers, Alexander Belhadj, Othmar van Rijswijk, Bastiaan van Zadelhoff, Willem van Dijk, Noah Bunink, Marc Haan, and Bob Groot.

Check out the photo gallery from the trip shot by Hugo Sneelooper.

"The idea of a collabo –as they call it– with the Pop Trading Company heads has been in the air for a while. You could even trace it all the way back to the very first Pop Clips… The first real life meeting happening in Berlin, when the moment to make it happen came, the German city was an evidence. Only this time, it would be timed with a heat wave of sort, and include almost the totality of the POP crew. A few hours under a scorching sun, and a couple Berlin style nights, and the idea to explore every single neighborhood of the city? Mission almost accomplished (it is a vast place!) and we have here an edit celebrating that street skating thing in all its diversity, that is the common trait between POP and LIVE."