Poetic Collective and Levi’s Skateboarding teamed up to bring you On Land.

"Shot entirely in Stockholm this past spring, the clip documents the start of the long-anticipated skate season after a long Swedish winter - the sun is finally out and the skies are clearing. However, traces of winter still linger - gravel that’s spread during winter months can still be seen in heaps around the city. The result is a snapshot of the arrival of spring and what it’s like to skate around a city surrounded by water."

The clip features a full Swedish crew including; Simon Källkvist, Johan Bergljung, Samuel Norgren, Nils Lilja, Peter Johansson, Klas Andersson, and Tom Botwid.

Filmed by Markus Bengtsson, Paul Botwid  and Tom Botwid.

Editing and music by Paul Botwid.