Amaryllis is a new video by Robin Pallier. It follows the Poetic Collective team around the city of Copenhagen, a short train journey across the water from the company's native Malmo.

Hit play to watch Sarah Meurle, Nils Lilja, Samuel Norgren, Tom Botwid, Peter Johannson, Johanna Juzelius, Johannes Packalen, Klas Andersson and Simon Källkvist.

"I met Robin in 2016 during Bright Tradeshow and we decided to try to do something together, that resulted in Magnolia that we filmed in Malmö. This summer we decided to try to do something during a few days prior to CPH pro as a lot of us would then be in Copenhagen. We all spent 4 great days together, filled with good sessions. I filmed most of the fisheye and Robin focused on the super 8 and long lens. It's always great to see what he comes up with in the end, when you see the edit, as he is a master of capturing all those small moments that are easy to miss, but those are always the best moments!" Tom Botwid