PIGEONS present a remix of footage from Turin's Valdo Fusi skate plaza. Filmed and edited by Alberto Della Beffa.

Featuring: Pietro Tirelli, Efrem Sapienza, Marco Iaria , Tommaso Parise, Ariel Crupi, Andrea Zandrelli, Andrea Opretti, Icaro Nardi, Fabrizio LoMonaco, Raffaele Pola , Edoardo Olivetti, Francesco Petronio, Ruben Luzzatto, Alessio Giovannelli, Davide Pozza and Alberto Della Beffa.

"The skate spot has been built in a pre-existing public plaza in 2012. The local skateboard association designed the structures dealing with the city council and ended up building those concrete structures. They’re for sure not the best and coolest in the business but the plaza has a very central position in the city and turned out to be the new central spot for the Turin skate scene. Before that they used to skate on a famous monument in the city center (Piazza Castello) not having a proper skatepark. The building of the Valdo Fusi Skate-Spot gave the scene a really good push that made it grow very fast. "