Back in 2006 Øyvind Aspen and Geir Allan Hove  made a video called Neighbours. Neighbours was an assemblage of some of the most talented Scandinavian skateboarders of that time and there are many names you'll recognise in there even nine years after it's release. Neighbours came out right about the same time as online piracy and the creation of Youtube. Back then you can invest a lot in independent projects because you knew you could sell the DVD to make up for the money you had put in. After the Internet change the way we watch skate videos sadly there have been less and less independent videos with a multi-country rider cast. So take a look at the familiar faces to Kingpin and what skating was like in 2006 by watching Love Eneroth, Henning Braaten, Mika Edin, Eniz Fazliov, Janne Saario, Jani LaitaliaGabriel Engelke, Kristian Bomholt (RIP) and others in Neighbours.