The Gathering of the Govs "A tale of eleven Governors". The New Balance Numeric team travels through New Zealand in search of the perfect bump to bar, and you can bet they found a few.

Hit play to watch Reading's very own Dom Henry in the mix with Alexis Sablone and Brandon Westgate, who like Dom, display exemplary flick in this video. There's also Franky Villani for you fans of matching your coloured wheels to your board and generally seeming cool as fuck. Jake Hayes' power pop in abundance, some technical wizardry from Tyler Surrey never goes amiss. Jordan Taylor, Levi Brown, Marius Syvanen, Marquise Henry and Zack Wallin also make appearances. All in all a nice little vid!

Directed By: Russell Houghten

Produced By: Brindle Collective

Filmed By: Russell Houghten and James Messina

Edited By: James Messina