Eric Koston's explanation of how LA's legendary skate spot recently got reopened to skaters:

« It’s official! the West Los Angeles Courthouse is now skateable again! For skateboarding, this reopening is so monumental for many reasons. For me it was my local, everyday skate spot over 20 years ago. A place where my friends and I could hang out, skate, have a good laugh and create life long memories. Friendships were formed and bonded there. A lot of the greatest skateboarders displayed their amazing talent and style. Many video parts were filled with lines throughout it. When skateboarders from all over the world visited, they made sure they stopped by the courthouse to skate there. It was truly a global skateboarding landmark. Eventually skateboarding was no longer tolerated there and they banned and skate-stopped the spot in the early 2000′s. So it pretty much remained a wasteland up until this past Go Skateboarding Day. Nike SB was able to renovate it to make it skateable for the day, but that was it. One day. But with the help of Nike SB, Stoner Park local Alec Beck, neighborhood chairman Jay Handal and Council-member Mike Bonin, they were able to come to the agreement to leave it as is and free for all to skate again. This is not only a win for skaters in the greater Los Angeles area, but a win for skateboarders worldwide. Because this is now hopefully a stepping stone for other skaters to try to get spots that are unskateable, « unlocked » for their skate community. With the right communication and determination, the possibilities can be endless. What’s the worse that could happen? They say « no ». As a skateboarder I’ve been told « no » for 2/3rd’s of my life. It’s now up to us to figure out how to make them say YES. »

Footage of the OG spot in case you didn't recognise it: