Friday Flashback will be a new regular feature on the site, as it's as important to look back as it is to look forward. Especially when the tapestry of skateboarding history is as rich as it is.

In this clip from John Trippe's VHS log tapes we have plenty of familiar faces, and some less so, tearing it up way back in 1998.

Paul Shier, ex-Blueprint and now Isle co-owner/pro, who at the time was filming with John for his 411 Rookies section out in San Francisco. Shier gets desperately close to rolling away from a 360 flip over the Gonz Gap at EMB, but unfortunately breaks his ankle and the Gonz Gap was torn down the next day.

Colin Kennedy, his old Blueprint teammate, also makes an appearance along with one of the best to ever do it, Ricky Oyola.