INRUSSIA presents a short documentary that follows members of the РАССВЕТ skate team on their first trip to Southern California.

"The film was shot in February 2017 by members of the РАССВЕТ community of skaters, artists and other young creative talents from Russia. The idea of turning dreams into reality was the initial impulse for making this documentary. The Russian crew goes to skate and film at the iconic spots in California. They meet American pro-skaters and friends and enjoy the free spirit of the California skating scene proving that borders can no longer define who we are."

The film features skaters Tolia Titaev, Gleb Bukhgolts, Nikita Dedov, Julian Klincewicz, Alic Cox and Dolan Stearns.

Camera: Oleg Kulev, Julian Klincewicz, Blake Myers

Edit: Oleg Kulev

Producer: Sasha Rozhkova

Read our interview with Tolia Titaev and Gosha Rubchinsky about the company, and check out their first promo.