Magenta Skateboards' Leo Valls does his bit for the Bordeaux tourist board in this new clip, Good Weekend, shot by Blake Myers.

Let Leo and Blake show you around Bordeaux, taking in some of the spots Leo skates on a daily basis, all captured in beautiful 16mm.

Format: Kodak 16mm

Cinematography: Blake Myers

Animation: Michael Cukr

Editor: Blake Myers

Read our mini Leo Valls interview about skitching cars.

"You can really skitch anything, from a cute bike girl, to a sports car or a tourist bus. It really depends on who the driver of that vehicle is. It’s interesting to see different reactions from different people. Some of them get really upset and brake straight away, some of them are very confused and try to act like they don’t see you, some of them will give you the thumbs up and take you for a ride…"