Gap Year is a new video by Tully West. Featuring: Geoff Campbell, Casey Foley, Jarrad Carlin, Jake Darwen, Hootie Andrewes, Yanek Blazj, Jeremy Corea, Simon Frazzetto, Dean Johnston, Mitch Cunningham, Max Couling, Ben Frank, Jason Rainbird, Adam Davies, Dylan Bruns, Isaac Matz, Digby Luxton, Colin Evans, Gabriel Summers, Tim Williams, Rob Shmitt, Ben Lawrie, Alex Lawton, Quayde Baker, Zach Wheeler and Elijah Robertson.

"Gap Year is everything that happened since school holidays. 6 months or so around Melbourne with a scratched fisheye, trying to keep up with the new gen crew and the Melbourne classics, onti Saturdays, city Sunday's and everything else that goes on during the week. It's the result of a bunch of unemployed 20 year olds, their mentors and the best plaza in the world."