A lot of you will remember Frank Stephens from his brief time riding for Cliché during the Freedom Fries days. As part of the ongoing Skate Crates series over on the Sidewalk website, Adam Mondon has put together this mixtape of Frank in his local Ipswich, London and beyond.

Here's Frank in Adam's owns words: "Frank Stephens is a dedicated maniac when it comes to skateboarding. I first met Frank over 20 years ago and he has had the same attitude and commitment throughout, always with a lunatics smile on his face. Frank deserves an MBE and a lottery win for what he has put in to Skateboarding, but I’m sure he would be happy with a rusty old van and an overgrown allotment. This is my ‘Best of' edit and is a fragment of what Frank has put down on tape over the years."