Aside from being one of Melbourne’s architectural icons, The Flinders Street

Train Station, completed in 1909 was the first city railway station in the country.

The green and gold complexion and its myriad of clocks are known worldwide.

In the early nineties the train station’s main handrail started getting sessioned

by the odd foreigner. It was in fact Ed Templeton who might have had the first

internationally published photos on it. The rail was seldom hit as you have to

skate it after the trains finish up and the nutters leave. This means well after 2am

on a weekday and closer to 4am on a weekend. During the Globe World Cup era

(early 2000’s) activity peaked and the rail got slaughtered by rabid interstaters

and hungry foreigners. For as long as I can remember back the middle rail was

the only one present, but, it must have been about seven years back,

mysteriously out of nowhere, a smaller and a large rail was added. So the station

is now back to its original line up of three rails ranging from seven to eleven