Elkin's Tapes is back for episode 6, we'll also be sharing episode 5 in this post as we managed to miss it over the New Year period. Enjoy.

"Yes siree, we're back with more of that rawness for your Tuesday evening. Even though it's 15 degrees outside, we still guarantee to get you hyped with this new fiery episode featuring Jordan Trahan, Akira, Kevin Lowry, Daniel Kim, Curtis Rapp, Aaron Herrintgon and many more shredders from the 5 Boros of NYC. Enjoy!"

"Part 2 of the Summer 2011 Elkin Raw Tapes features a gritty line-up of shredders including Joseph Delgado, Jordan Trahan, Daniel Kim, Aaron Herrington, Rob Campbell, Joe Tookmanian, Jerry Mraz and many more. Possibly the most fiery episode yet!!"