Serving as a teaser of sorts, Francisco Saco’s Jeux D'Ombre is an extract from De Paris Yearbook's inaugural video "Deuxieme Vague", commemorating the De Paris Yearbook 2014 edition. Edited by Guillaume Périmony, with clips from Olivier Fanchon, Francisco Saco, Shota Sakami, and Hugo Campan, the full length video shows the best of what Paris has to offer.

Jeux D'Hombres features Koni Rutschmann, Malte Spitz and Valeri Rosomako joined by some other Parisian cats shredding about the City of Lights.

You'll also find Remy Taveira, Joseph Biais, Sam Partaix, Romain Covolan, Stephen Malet and many others.

Supported by Nike Sb, Born Bad Records, Volcom

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