Ollie in Hannover.

Daniel Pannemann definitely is one of the guys to watch right now – spots, speed, style, pop and power… the full package of raw street skating! That’s why we’re really glad to present to you his part in Propeller Island, Jo Peters’ independent Berlin skate-flick. Do yourself a favour and hit play a multiple times after you’ve read the little quiz we put him through, because unless you’ve really got it wrong somehow, this will get you hyped!

Hey Daniel! Propeller – with or without Island?

Jonathan Peters’ Propeller Island for sure…  'rauf auf die Insel!

#propellerlife or #pleasecharge?

#Pleaseisland haha.

Describe #propellerlife for us please.

Bike rides, courtyards, coffee, construction sites, fisheye optics, sessions, friendship, beer, weekends, street, residents, police, traffic, snacks, Späti, tourists, sun-sets, low batteries.

It seems you’ve really put some effort in chosing the right spots for you part – there is nothing quite ordinary in there. What makes a spot especially appealing to you and this is why you chose Berlin?

Yes. Change of scene at every corner!

Propeller Life

In your part you’re giving a convincing answer to the mother of all stupid kid questions – “Can you hardflip?" But plain talking now: how high can you ollie?

I really don’t know. So high that I still really have a lot of fun doing it.

What’s the secret to so much pop?

My lengthy legs maybe? But honestly, I’ve always been skating this way and used to like skaters that go fast and jump high as a kid.

Are you Germany’s skater with the most pop?

I don’t think so. No idea.

Danny Wainwright also lives in Berlin – ever thought about battling him?

For the world record? No, rather not. Battling is not really my cup of tea.

And in general: Ollies or wallies?

First ollie than wallie.

So will we get to see a kickflip across the length of a Warschauer bench from you?

What can I say. I’d love to. I think it’s definitely possible, just need the right gut feeling, haha.

50-50 in Aufzug.

So, you’ve got the German ollie-king and the German switch ollie-king sitting in the Place office – not too bad! But tell us what Benny ( ed. note: Markstein, editor in in chief) and Pille (ed. note: graphics) are kings of?

Backtail! Benny is also known for his wheelie mastery! Pille could if he wanted to…

Next mag challenge?

There is always a challenge, and if there wouldn’t be one it would stop being fun. A whole lot of heartfelt commitment!

Next ollie challenge?

I wouldn’t want to spoil it. Otherwise it’ll end up like the bench kickflip, haha.

Next video challenge?

Another Converse project. Not really figured out yet.

Next life challenge?

Enjoying the Berlin summer.