Remco Steeghs has uploaded a shared part from the van der Linden brothers, Daan and Job. The footage in it is a little old, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying it all the same.

Here's what Daan had to say about his brother when we caught up with him in Eindhoven.

"Let me tell you a quick little fact, my brother is better than everyone else, way better, but he doesn’t like to be good. He doesn’t give a fuck about anything. He’s the original fucking skateboarder right there.

Do you ever play skate together?

Yeah, he always wins. He can do any trick.

Daan’s Brother Job: [When Daan comes back from a trip it’s easy bro, I don’t skate for four weeks, I’ll beat him].

I mean how fucking arrogant he is now, it’s the truth.

Job: [When he’s on those trips doing them heelflip crooks I think damn, he’s doing that shit for me. That’s my trick, nobody can do that trick, but he can do it.]

I still need to learn your special though. He can do heelflip backlip down any handrail.

Job: [It’s easy bro, it’s a Sheckler trick.]

He’d rather heelflip backlip a handrail than back noseblunt one."