The minds of Connor Kammerer and Colin Read converge in Connor's Spirit Quest part.

For a greater insight into the process of this incredible video check out our interview with illustrator Cosme who animated the video, there's a couple of extracts below to give you a flavour.

How did you first get involved with the Spirit Quest video?

I received a message from Colin Read telling me that he had this idea for a new full length and asking me if I was interested in making some animations. We had connected before when I bought Tengu direct from him and I contacted him the first time that he visited Vigo. He remembered my name from those Lakai animationssome years ago. He simply told me that he liked the stuff that I was doing and that he thought it could work well for this crazy idea that he had.

What’s the process like for this kind of project? Did Colin have very clear ideas of what he wanted before you started?

Colin knew exactly what he wanted and how he wanted it from the very beginning. He first sent me a Zach Lyons clip and explained me his idea for the transition. This one was actually the longest one. I struggled for a bit with the animation because I had the feeling that I was only ruining the footage.

After a little back and forth I found something that I thought could work. Colin liked it and we went forward with the whole thing. At first it was really mellow, just the chameleon intro, then Matt Town and then Jimmy Lannon. And then it got hectic, the amount of footage became overwhelming! That’s when I felt that the style of the animations was getting nicer and my hand was loosening up so I went back to the first Zach Lyons’ one and repeated it again.

Featuring an original soundtrack: Spirit Quest Dub:

Composed by Connor Kammerer, Tavo Carbone, and Colin Read

Tavo Carbone - Guitar, Bass

Quim Cardona - Melodica

Jima - Sitar

Percussion - Connor Kammerer, Akiocham, Kenji Nakahira, Akira Komatsu

Waltz Through Babylon:

Ty Flowers - Keyboard, Bass, Vocals

Connor Kammerer - Guitar, Pedal Steel, Percussion, Vocals

Brett Johnston - Vocals

Extended mix soundtrack on 7" vinyl at