Hit play to treat yourself to almost twenty minutes worth of raw footage from the second of the Spitfire Wheels Arson Dept videos.

This one predominantly features the skating of Grant Taylor, Ronnie Sandoval, Raney Beres, Jamie Foy, Taylor Kirby, Ishod Wair, and Zion Wright. As well as a stacked supporting cast including the U.K's Harry Lintell, Daan van der Linden, Evan Smith, Hermann Stene, Simon Jensen, Dennis Busenitz, Bobby Worrest, Peter Ramondetta, Matt Gottwig, Raven Tershy, Max Schaaf, Peter Hewitt, Austin Kanfoush, James Capps, Ty Peterson, Alex Conn, Jack Curtin, and John Dilorenzo.

Check back here for the first edition of the Arson Dept, if only to remind yourself of that crazy back tailslide that Daan van der Linden laid down.