Blue Tomato's Floating Ramp on Wörthersee –

Full-on summer vibes here: Blue Tomato set up this sick mini ramp floating on Wörthersee, one of Austria's biggest and best Alpine lakes, for their Captain's Quest comp. Mini ramps aces from all over Europe such as Dane Dannie Carlsen and the UK's Alex Hallford had a blast battling it out over the 5000,- up for grabs.


1. Dannie Carlsen (DK)

2. Alex Hallford (UK)

3. Joscha Aicher (GER)

4. Farid Ulrich (GER)

5. Santino Exenberger (AT)

6. Ralf Edlinger (AT)

6. Johannes Astleitner (AT)

6. Owen Watkins aka Sox (UK)

9. Michael Nadler (AT)