Archive footage from French Fred featuring Ali Boulala's attempts at the infamous 25 set. Released in the wake of Jaws' Thrasher cover at these stairs, or the Boulala Stairs as they will forever be known. There's an interesting interview with Ali Boulala about the Jaws trick on After Skate. For now we'll leave you with Fred's words:

"Alright let’s watch this one more time before the Jaws video drops sometime soon. Ali strongly paved the way for this set of stairs to be ollied. Everytime I’ve filmed a session there, it was incredibly intense and stresful! I once spotted american BMXers checking it out, and I believe they just thought it was absolutely too massive. Big up to Ali, Big up to Jaws. You have no idea of how crazy it is until you go there. Funny enough, it’s in my neighbourhood!"