Dennis Götz sent over this edit of Markus Blessing who has left his native Germany and has been travelling around, recently he found himself in the Scottish highlands. Filmed and edited by Dennis Götz and Daniel Mildner.

Here's some words from Markus:

"Endless, I think, endless is the word that describes my particular situation best…

Slowly something appears on the horizon, green hills seem to grow out of the water. The seagulls already welcome me. They fly over my head. A sight for the gods - a benefit for mankind. This breathtaking view, crafted by the hands of god, overwhelms me. Unshackled from my past - bound by this moment.

After miles and miles on the sea, finally, the anchor was dropped and found its way to the ground. Markus Blessing set foot in Scotland.

Now that I pushed for hours and hours across this land, across Scotland, I was faced with fast changing weather conditions and ever changing territory. My legs are burning, and so is the fire in my heart. This unbelievable country carved its everlasting imprint on my mind.

And only that one thing underneath my feet lets me know, I got to go. Ahead"