Posted Lars's part from Delta Charlie 3 a few days ago with no interview, since we couldn't get a hold of him at the time. He's surfaced over the weekend though, so here's a little chat with him about the video, trannies and skating with a tech crew. Scroll down for the video part in the end, or just click here for the previous post.


Do you find yourself trying to convince the rest of the team to go

to concrete parks and tranny spots a lot?

No I don’t. On trips Henning organizes things very good and divides the time. But I think I split up the team in a way that’s never been done before, in a positive way! And of course I’m trying to push some trannys on the tech rats. You could say we've been to places the team would never go to without me.

Vise versa, do you spend a lot of time sitting down next to the

ledge, when the others are filming tech lines?

Yes, but it hasn’t been boring even for a second. I’ve never seen tech sk8ing like this before and I don’t know the names of half the tricks, but it’s good entertainment. I’ve started trying street skating myself again, the kids are very inspiring. Actually I’ve surprised myself with some street tricks lately and more will come.

Does it ever get difficult to travel with a pretty tech crew, spot wise?

No, I get more time to drink beer, ha-ha. Otherwise I do a little different tricks than the others, so a lot of good can come out of it. Overall I’m trying out most of it, but when it comes to gaps and stairs I tend to hold back. I don’t want to mess up my knees on that.

How’s the concrete park situation in Norway? Any nice parks popping

up that people should be aware of?

There are too few concrete parks in Norway. There's one in Larvik now, with a bowl and a street course. I have not tried it myself yet, but think it’s ok. Then we have Porsgrund, they have a bowl and a street course. In Oslo there is Gamlebyen, which is the park with the biggest trannies here in Norway. I don’t think any new concrete parks are on the way. We have a crew that builds a little bit (DIY), they make a great contribution. But we have a lot to learn from Sweden. They have understood it, there are new parks popping up every where over there. So I can recommend a road trip in Sweden! Delta Charlie 3 - Lars Monsen >>