There's one thing our friend Clyde Singleton omitted in his recent article about skateboarders' penchant for shameless self promotion via social media and it's that something good actually did come of this new quest for likes. Instagram videos! Hidden amongst these 15 seconds clips of our favorite pros "messing about" is some of best skate content the internet has to offer. The fact that the guys you follow have "the gift"obviously has a lot to do with how entertaining they are but it's also because the format makes their skating more accessible. It's simply a lot easier to relate to than an hour-long over-produced HD video filled with tricks that took them months to film. Anyway here's a little selection of ones we particularly enjoy.

Pontus' caption for this video was "@gx1000 Can you show this to the king". Closest thing skateboarding's ever had to a breakdance battle.


Afficher sur Instagram

 What's this then? A Spanish grind to pretzel? Sounds tasty. Jose Pereyra is such a G.

Found on Ishod Wair's instagram account. Would love to see the footage on the skater's phone...


Afficher sur Instagram


For some obscure reason when we shared this one on our facebook page it went mental. Tons of people shared it and over a million people ended up seeing it. Still not too sure why...

It's crazy how perfectly James Gell's board bounces off the edge for the catch in this one.

That last passionate scream is almost as good as the actual twirl.

A lot of no complies in this list...

Some of the clips Raymond Molinar filmed for Kenny Anderson's latest KA2 advert.

Hardest ledge trick ever?

Best Instagram account in skateboarding. You'll be seeing a lot of Lucas and Polar in this list.


This kicker he alley-hoop back threes out of is so steep it's actually fun to wallie.

David as Grant Taylor.

First try Switch flip down Bercy's Bloc 5 filmed only on Stefan Janoski's iPhone. Epic.

From Stef Khou's instagram. Always thought this was nuts. Watch his full part in Something Sinister here.

"Getting by with a little help from my friends" Had fun today at @crailtap with @coopyskate and thanks for filming