Eniz Fazliov's Close Up feature in the Finnish video magazine Captured, issue 9. This was mostly filmed nine years ago in 2002, when Eniz felt that red fitted caps and matching t-shirts and sweat wrist bands were the shit. He's had a change of heart since then, causing headaches for filmers and photographers with his full black attire.


When did you last watch this?

Maybe a few years ago. I’m wearing the ugliest hat in the world. Probably the reason I haven’t watched it. And the full red get up.

How old are you in that clip?

Like 14-15 I think.

Was that sort of your first video part?

First one that people saw, I guess. It was before everything went instantly on Internet, so the couple of things I’d filmed with my friends before never went anywhere. This one was sort of the start of everything for me, I began getting free boards and stuff around that time. A lot of the footage is from this trip up north of Finland we did with Happy Hour, the board company I’d just started riding for.

How do you feel about it now?

I mean, it always looks weird watching old footage of yourself, like spots that you used to think were the best you’d ever seen and today you wouldn’t touch. Like that 7 stair where I’ve got the sw heel and sw flip in that clip, in Ruoholahti, I’d never want to skate that now, but I was so stoked to do that trick then. I’d sort of just learned sw flip and sw heel, nollie flip and nollie heel and just wanted to do them everywhere. But the hat is the worst, it ruins the whole part and that’s why I’ve never wanted to see that online either! [haha]

http://mpora.com/videos/nCQeWLKUu Eniz Fazliov Captured Close Up 2002 >>