Steffen Austerheim is next up in our hopefully-very-frequent line of posts as we're releasing the new Delta Charlie 3 video online. Steffen is a young chap from Norway, fairly new recruit on the Norwegian DC team. Have a look at what he's got to say about the video and scroll down for his part below.

You live in Norway right? Is the winter over – already skating outside?

I actually live in Malmö, Sweden! But I'm from Norway so I'm back to skate and film to the new Session skate shop video right now! The weather is starting to get better. It's still not super warm but it's good enough to skate street again!

Oh, you live in Malmö?

Yeah, I go to school in Malmö! Skateboardschool, actually!

You’ve got the first part in the new Delta Charlie 3. Did you know your part was going in first?

Henning told be a couple a days before the premiere that I was going to have the first part! I was so stoked when I heard it cause I got on DC last summer and didn't really have that much time to film.

So you didn’t have a part in the previous DC video? First time and straight to first part.

No this was the first time cause I didn't skate fore DC when the previous two videos came out.

In your part, you’ve got footage from at least Prague, Berlin and Oslo. What was your favourite place to film?

I really liked Berlin! Cause I went on a trip with Session skateshop last summer and we skated all the amazing spots and when I heard we where going there with DC I kinda knew it would be good because I had already been there. But I really liked Prague too. I think Prague is more chill cause you go and skate the Letna park every day and you have everything there. Stairs, ledges, gaps. I really enjoy skating hometown spots too! Cause then people get too see the spots we got.

Favourite trip during filming?

I gotta say the Berlin trip again cause I think it's a cool place and we got a lot of footage from there so it was a good trip!

You’re favourite trick / line that you have in the video?

I'm stoked on the nollie feeble grind down the 9 in Malmö, Sweden! [2:06] Delta Charlie 3 - Steffen Austerheim section >>