Today’s Delta Charlie 3 part comes from Nicholas Hansen. Nicholas comes from the Norwegian city of Hamar, 1-2 hours by train from Oslo. Nicholas is 21 years old and he rides for DC shoes and apparel, Format skate/snow shop, Modus bearings and Indy trucks. If you don't care what he says, scroll down for the goods.


What’s with the car in the beginning of your part?

The Norwegian DC team was in the coastal city of Moss to have fun and shoot some clips to Delta Charlie 3. When we were at the harbour, we met Mads Østberg and his rally team. We had the harbour for ourselves, were we could use some containers and lifts. Haha! Then we got a lift driver to build a container gap, and it was completely random that i did the kickflip over the car. It was both scary and fun!

Are you into car racing or something like that?

No, not at all, but it was fun to see his sick driving skills! The driver was Mads Østberg from Norway.

What’s your favourite trick in your part?

Hmm…I'm not quite sure, maybe the nollie bs heel down the 4 stair in Barcelona.

What was the situation when you filmed it?

I had a good session with my team-mates Henning, Tobias, Michael, Frederic and Herman. It was perfect weather and they made me feel stoked to do the trick! More Skate Videos >>

That's 3 down, 7 to go, including Henning Braaten and Michael Sommer's parts. Keep checking.