Delta Charlie 3

A couple of months ago the Norwegian DC team released their third video, aptly named Delta Charlie 3. We’ll be releasing the video part by part here on this site in the next couple of weeks along with quick fire interviews with the people involved. That means Michael Sommer and Henning Braaten among others, and of course the filmer himself, Frederic Esnault. We’ll start with the intro of the video today and get a bit of insight from Frederic.
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Delta Charlie 3, Intro

Frederic has been in the game for a long time himself. I remember him from an Aeon trip to Poland in 2005. But before this turns into a complete ramble, let’s give the word to Frederic to talk a little bit about the Delta Charlie 3 video. And remeber to check back in the coming days, as we’ll drop a new part every other day or so, or when ever I can get a hold of the dudes to answer some questions.

Frederic Esnault fs pop shove it, Poland ca. 2005

When I first met you, we went on an Aeon trip to Poland in 2005 maybe. Nowadays when I hear about you, it’s mostly to do with videos. When did you first pick up the camera?
I always brought a cam with me when I was travelling. So I started out as a hobby film maker kind of. haha. And then I got more into it, made my own skate film “Forget About it” when I was 15. Then DC had this skatefilm project and they wanted me to direct it. Since I both was a team rider and could film, (two in one). haha. And that film became Delta Charlie 2. We had great success with that film in Norway, so that was cool.

Do you actually work as a cameraman / filmaker these days?
Yes I do. I do editing work for directors, cinematography work on skateboard films and I direct a lot of music videos. It’s a geat job. Been doing some work in the states lately and I meet so many skaters that have gotten in to the film business. Seems to me like all skaters are very creative. It’s cool!

This is the third Delta Charlie. Any thoughts on this one compared to the previous two?
Well I can comment on the ones I have done 2 and 3. Number two was all about playing around with ideas and making a film-look. The sound effects, music and montages made it look very pompous. Strong colours and faceshots. It looked very slick and “Hollywood”. And I don’t really feel that the skateboarding was the main attraction of that video. So in number three we wanted to go back to the roots. Have longer parts, slower music, desaturated colours and focus on what really happens on location while shooting. Busts, slams, frustration etc. We wanted to get away from that whole Hollywood look, and make it more authentic. More raw street skating.

You’ve been making these videos at a pretty fast pace. Do you set up a release date at the beginning and work out a schedule, or how do you manage to complete them so fast?
We usually set the release date before we even start filming. It’s good. Keeps pressure on the skaters and me. It seems to work. The guys on the team work so hard, they all get so much footage under pressure. It’s crazy. I’m a skater myself so I know how hard it is to get footage. But these guys are machines. haha.

You also have a part in the video? Do you find time to skate a lot these days?
Well I had a part in number two. But I have no footage in number three. Work is stealing so much skate time from me so it’s hard to keep up. I still skate, but not on a high level like I used to. But I always joke about a comeback every now and then, when I travel with Henning. But I wish I had more time so I could skate more.
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Frederic’s part in Delta Charlie 2

Your favourite part to film, your favourite part to edit and your favourite part regarding the final result in this latest video?
To film: Hermann Stene. (The kid lands everything within so few tries). It’s so good. Never takes more than 10 tries. Even on lines. That keeps my filmer-hand happy. Since we are using such heavy cameras. To edit was probably Hennings part. Because he had the most material. A lot variation when it came to spots and tricks. He is a beast at collecting footage. And all in all I like Michaels part the most. I love his style and the song we picked for his part. We got it custom made from a beatmaker called Rykkinfella.

What’s coming up next for you personally and in terms of Delta Charlie? Working on the next one already?
I just came back from a U.S trip with the DC team. We have made a travel documentary from the trip, which will come out in a couple of weeks. I probably want to go back to the States to work on skatefilms and music videos on an international basis. Because I really feel that I can add to the skatefilms. Seems to me like the skating is progressing, but the presentation of it is so old school. The skatefilms today look the same as they did 10 years ago. Nothing has changed. In fact the old skate films are even better than the ones that come out now (film technically). So I would love to do a high budget skatefilm in the states. Regarding if there’s going to be a Delta Charlie 4 or not, we don’t know yet. But I hope I can do at least one more skatefilm with the Norwegian DC team. The guys are really good at what they are doing and I love to work with them, especially since they allow me to decide what direction to steer the films in creatively.


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