Herman Stene's part from the Norwegian DC video Delta Charlie is as tech as they come. Sandwiched in between Henning Braaten and Michael Sommer on the DVD he's in a tough spot, but comes through with a banging section. Have a look at his thoughts on the tricks in the section below, and scroll down for the video part. To see the previous Delta Charlie 3 posts, click on the names here: Henning Braaten, Daniel Øynes, Steffen Austerheim, Magnus Eriksen, Lars Monsen and a word with Fredric Esnault, the filmer.


Had to watch your part a couple of times to get what’s going on in some of the more tech things. Which trick or line took you the longest to film?

The line I do in Berlin 360 flip and then laser flip I think I used the most time on. I tried to film that line one day but it got too dark after a while and then I went back the day after and got it, it was fun. And that fs 180 lateshuv over that bump to bar in Barcelona took pretty long time before I did it.

Speaking of that 360 flip lazer flip combo at the Polish monument in Berlin – was that your idea or did Henning bribe you to try that?

Haha, no that was my own idea. I was thinking of a line I could do, and that was the first thing I thought off.

What about the tailslide fs 270 flip out. Can you do those pretty casual, or does it take a bit more effort?

That trick is pretty hard, I have to put a little effort in that. It took a while before I made that one.

What’s your favourite 360 trick?

Bs 360. Really fun to do.

Your favourite trick or line in your video part?

That's the line in Berlin again, 3flip and laserflip, I'm really satisfied with that one.

Are you working on any other video parts at the moment – when can we expect to see something new from you?

Yeah I'm working on a new video part, it's a homie movie. I've got some new things in there I haven't filmed before, think I'm getting really satisfied with that part.

You have to give us a shout when that drops then!

http://mpora.com/videos/9h0dJG7ej Delta Charlie 3 - Herman Stene Part >>