Following Converse's successful "CONS Spaces" in Barcelona and Berlin they have just published the video of their latest instalment/space in Paris. Taking disused areas and making them into temporary skateparks, this series is a sick idea. The first one in Barcelona was outside in a dockyard and had a lot of space to play with. The one in Berlin was in an abandoned textile factory with a bit less space to utilise, however shielded from the elements. This latest one in Paris is in a disused industrial space and seems to have the indoor benefits of the Berlin one, but it looks a little larger. With fun looking obstacles and interesting visuals and art decorating the space, this edition is just as rad as the previous ones. Featuring the likes of Pontus Alv, David Stenström, Jerome Campbell, Javier Mendizabal, Carlos Cardenosa, Vincent Touzery, Paul Grund, Ben Raemers and some Parisian locals. All shot by local skate film maker Oliver Fanchon, watch the rad below: