I'll be honest with you, the title of this article is a little misleading. Appart from this gallery of Sam Clark's photos of the Shipwreck comp and the highlights edit above, the rest of this post is really a just a compilation of blurry photos and a shaky iPhone edit of my 4 days in Berlin. I'll blame the imprecision on the free booze...

Here's some of the shit I found on my phone:


These first few pics are from the Adidas' 15 years of Gonz exibition/party thing. My phone ran out of battery as soon as I got there so I couldn't get as many as I would have liked but I nicked a few from Adidas to give you guys an idea of how sick it was. I reckon it was probably the best  non skate event I attended all week. They had everything from free food and drinks (that lasted all night) to DJ's and a screening of the 15 years of Gonz film. And that's on top of the actual exhibition that featured tons of timeless Gonz shots from Gabe Morford, Joe Brook, Skin Phillips, Brian Gaberman, Benjamin Deberdt and Sem Rubio. The show will be in London this Friday so if you are about you should definitely check it out...

photo Benjamin

Ex-Kingpin photographer/French editor Benjamin Debert.


photo oscar

Oscar Candon, Alex Irvine and John Horner getting some free tacos.






photo cliché


photo adrien
photo Pontus



I thought this Lousy Livin boxer short vending machine was a pretty cool idea for a place filled with dirty travelling skateboarders.

photo lousy


photo jan


Finally here's the footage from the Supra demo that took place at Skatehalle on Thursday with Erik Ellington, Chad Muska, Lizard King, Stevie Williams, Jim Grecco, Neen Williams, Terry Kennedy, Furby, Spencer Hamilton, Keelan Dadd, Boo Johnson, Lucien Clarke, Nick Tucker, Pat Rumney, Kevin Romar und Javier Sarmiento.

On my flight home I stumbled across these photos in Air France Magazine. They don't really have anything to do with the trade show but I thought they were quite funny...

photo 3


photo 4