Kingpin Magazine's Rookie of the Year, Albert Nyberg, is officially very good at skatebording. In case you aren't already aware of this you should check his EU Selection section at the DC Embassy.

This is the first edit of what should promise to be a pretty hectic month at the Embassy. Keep tuned.

Here's the script (stolen off the DC Embassy site):

The EU Selection will consist in a qualifier during the month of April, European pros had the chance to spend just a few hours in only one day to show their skills inside The DC Embassy. This will feature a video contest consisting of brand new footage from 14 of the most respected European pros released on from April 10th to April 23th . These short edits will go through a three-pronged voting process with equal weight from the fans, Street League judges, and the current Street League pros.  The contenders in the EU Selection represent some of the most respected names in skateboarding:

-Chris Pfanner

-Albert Nyberg

-Javier Sarmiento

-Josef Scott Jatta

-Michael Mackrodt

-Manuel Margreitter

-Wieger Van Wageningen

-Roberto Aleman

-Max Genin

-Chris Oliver

-Neil Smith

-Flo Marfaing

-Bastien Salabanzi

-Thomas Stejkal