The end of the year and the beginning of the new one has brought upon us, once again, that very special online video format: The best of the rest. This is where companies and independents compile what they have released on the web the previous year into one edit. And release it online again. So essentially it's often a select montage of what wasn't quite what they wanted to keep for other video projects they were working on at the time. If we've recently been spoiled by online parts from Brandon Westgate, Paul Rodriguez and Dylan Reider to mention just a few, then the new year's montages aren't quite in the same league. Having said all that, there are some real gems in this one from Stereo. Personal favourites are some of Clint's and Ben Gore's stunts. If you "threw away" that, what did you keep? Stereo's also nicely grasped the essence of this emerging and potentially tedious format: Here's to the good times we've just had, now let's go have some more. Looking forward to the video!