With the hilarious Seb Daurel MCing the street jam went off with lots of serious tech manuals and powerful maneuvers from Marfaing and Bastien among others, with Julien Bechet going big with transfers to front blunts on the vert wall.

The second jam went down later in the afternoon on the the double bowl setup with Seb Daurel marking his home territory with crazy speed and lines only he could know about and control, Marc Haziza threw up massive airs all over the place and Bechet got the crowd buzzing with some serious gnar tech on the vert wall.

RESULTS Best trick Street: Julien Béchet with his big frontside blunslide flip back out won the 500€ offered by Monster Energy Drink. Best performer Street: Bastien Salabanzi won the 500€ offered by Jart. Best trick Bowl: Seb Daurel grabbed the 200€ from Jart with his massive foot plant on the wall. Best performer Bowl: the straight up height of his airs gave Marc Haziza the 300€ offered by Jart.

Check the Video below for full coverage.

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