Pete Ruikka check out from December 2010 issue of Kingpin

Words: Samu Karvonen

Name: Pete Ruikka

Age: Thirties

Residence: Helsinki, Finland.

Sponsors: Carhartt, Nike SB, Antiz (dist.),, ITÄ Skimasks and souvenirs.

Pete is a traditional Finnish workman. He fills he’s lottery coupons in the hope of a better tomorrow and dives in to the bottle when it’s time to reset the mental counters. He knows where he stands and where he’s going. He knows where he’s been and where he shouldn’t go again. He also knows that nothing comes for free.


Fs 180 fakie 5050 out forwards

Everyday around 8 o’clock he goes to a dusty basement, sits in front of his messy table and starts the battle with the skate-industry. After 8 hours of packing, unpacking, buying, selling, answering, calling, swearing and laughing he switches to another battle ground. Swearing and laughing continues on the streets. Watching Pete skate might sometimes be eye-racking, sometimes pure comedy but always inspiring and admirable. He is not the next upcoming skateboarding super talent from Finland. More likely, he’s going to be the guy pushing the next talented skater beyond our national borders. Without all those swear words in front of that messy table, the printer that makes you want to commit suicide and that shell knob that sounds like The Prodigy when you touch it, many a good skater would still be rocking duck taped shoes and riding unrideable boards.

Pete is a true skater, senior superior, sales/purchases and team manager, mentor, best and worst friend, loving boyfriend and a father figure, so no wonder why we call him "FAIJA" (Daddy).