We released the first of our 'On the Spot' series this week, focusing on Berlin's Warschauer Benches. Austyn Gillette has arguably one of the best lines committed to film at this spot, skip to 3:09 in the video above to take a look.

Watch: On the Spot: Warschauer Benches Part 1

Phil Zwijsen has been out injured for a while now, but has spent his time putting together a new video - Jacky.

Jarne Verbruggen features heavily so we thought it a good time to remind you of this RVCA clip, the mega line (which starts around 17 seconds) is also filmed by Phil.

Watch: Jacky

What Youth released a video interview with Leo Valls this week. Leo talks about growing up skating in Bordeaux and how it has shaped his approach. Here's a more detailed look into the Bordeaux scene for you to enjoy.

Watch: What Youth | For the Love of Leo Valls

Swiss ripper Kilian Zehnder came through with a dope section in the Solo's 'Untergrund'. Here's Kilian's 8 minute section from 2013, some seriously impressive stuff in here.

Watch: Untergrund - Kilian Zehnder

Nike released a video postcard - Love, Karsten - of their man Karsten Kleppan to further increase the hype surrounding their Chronicles 3 release. Here's Karsten's breakthrough section in Element's 'Hold It Down', just in case you'd forgotten how good he is.

Watch: Love, Karsten