Francisco Saco blessed us with another edit this week, his weirdo tour taking in Israel and Palestine - Secret Earth. Here's his banging full-length, Homo Pop Gunwhich features a whole host of heads from Europe and beyond.

Louie Barletta featured in our 'Tricks on Broken Boards' post earlier in the week - and also was the focus of Sidewalk's Footage Feast. It seems like the perfect excuse to share his Tiltmode Bonus Round section, perfect pre-weekend skate hype.

Nate Jones' varial flip from the Real video Real to Reel featured in our homage to the varial flip. A couple of years back Manolo put together this mix celebrating the skating of one of the most stylish guys to ever do it.

Levi's released their most recent build project documentary this week - Skateboarding at Pine Ridge. Here's a reminder of their epic Bolivian build project in La Paz from last year.

Simo Makela featured in Huf Europe's first transmission, huffing Raw. Here's a throwback to his section in the SLP crew video Rabies.