Almost there. The pressure for seeing tits and shooting tricks is escalating. At this point we stood at the cross roads of either trying to score points for the challenges or try to shoot stuff for the article and film things for the edit. We decided to do our best at doing everything at once.

KoffeLaptopBoombox 001

Koffe lit up the lobby.

CarParkNurnberg 001

Go get the van, let’s do this.

JosefPlasticBag3 001

The plan for the day was to split up. Half go skate, half go hunting for tits and piercing nipples. Josef’s in the skate half.


Daniel Spängs and a switch tre in short shorts on Hitler’s old stomping ground.

SpangsWaterNurnberg 001

Purity of Essence: Replenish the precious bodily fluids.

EnjoyYourStay 001

Made it to Cologne - almost done, but not quite done. We’ve got until 5 this afternoon to get as many points together as we can. Let’s see, jump off a bridge, catch and cook your own dinner, shoot a trick bare foot, pimp the ride, drop in something looking like Hugo Liard, skate a rail in the rain…better get on with it.

BridgeJump 001

This took some convincing, but Björn’s quite good at that.

JonasSpangs 001

Spängan is happy for the points, while Jonas is happy to be alive.


There you go Hugo.


Daniel Spängs sacrificed his feet for the common good: Barefoot tre flip.


Last minute pimping of the tour van got Dallas Rockvam involved. No points for this one..