Woke up to wind and rain and Isak knocking on the door. What city was this again..? Might have to call Gentsch and ask if he knows where we are and if there’s any spots. First things first though, right now we need to get Jonas and Nisse brush their teeth with some alcohol, watch the whole crew fall like dominoes..

HotelLinzIsak 001

Rise and shine.


The Book says brush your teeth with whisky, red wine and beer. Nisse goes for the wine...


...and Jonas gets the beer.

LinzDIY 001

Someone tipped us about this barrier spot. Gentsch..? The barriers didn’t really do anything to anyone, but the area around them proved to be a goldmine.

VanLinz 001

Rain all around us, sun right above us.

Erik 001

Portrait of Erik..

EriksPortraits 001

..and Erik's portraits of everyone.

Catamaran 001

Josef and Jonas risking it for some points.

JosefBday 001

Josef’s birthday in a Linz restaurant. Can’t remember now how old he is. 21? Tell the bartender send me twenty more cases. Next to our table full of dudes there was another one full of birds. Our waitress told us they were having a class reunion. We tried to get some sort of interaction going, but didn’t really succeed. We then sent the waitress asking where they were going afterwards, but drew a blank again. Fuck it, hit the road, drive to Nuremberg.

RoadAtNight1 001
RoadAtNight2 001