From Prague we drove down to Bratislava. This was the halfway mark of the trip and we were still vaguely thinking about going to Ljubljana. We probably never checked the map to see how far that was. In any case, we had Peter Molec and Marek Zaprazny waiting for us in Bratislava and we were all keen to get down there. Nisse Boy filmed a few tricks on the way, as always.

IsakJosefPraha 001

To each champ his own breakfast.

SpangsErikPraha 001

It feels heavy, somebody help me, my neck hurt, my chain heavy. Who said Spängan wasn’t sufficiently rap?

ErikSticker 001

New country, new motorway sticker. Stick it.

RoadSlovakia 001

View from the window somewhere between Prague and Bratislava.

OnTheRoad 001

But why look out the window, when you can stare at the back of the front seat? Back seat getting ready for TravelPussy.


Made it there, finally! Central Bratislava wasn't quite ready for the Sweet generator, so we ended up skating in the suburbs tonight. While Nisse was working on this ollie, a car pulled up and a girl got out of it. She walked up to Molec, gave him a bag of beers and drove off. “Friend of yours, Peter?" –“Nah, she was just being nice." Dead nice.