After the rain yesterday, everyone was pretty happy to see the sun this morning. We said we’d go to Stalin, “just to warm up and score some points", but I think everyone knew we’d be there most of the day. No matter though, worse places than that to spend a sunny day!

JonasSleep 001

Jonas grew a blue moustache in his sleep and woke up with a nazi salute. There's points for that.

JonasBeerPraha 001

Blessing in disguise.

JonasStalin 001

Danish do-rag

grip 001

Nisse checking out the competition on the second hand grip tape racket at Stalin.

PrahaHang3 001

Enjoying the Lukas Danek show.

LukasPraha 001

Just switch flipped the gap back there. Fuck yeah.

PetrHorvat 001

Time to say our goodbyes and thank our hosts in Prague, Petr and Lukas. Good times, hopefully see you again soon!