Rock star lifestyle might don’t make it,

Livin life high everyday clean wasted

Sippin on purple stuff, rollin up stanky,

Wake up in the morning 10 o’clock drinkin

ErikNisseMorning 001

Björn had booked us into the Spa Hotel somewhere in the woods. “It said Prague on the website!" Yes Björn. It also said Spa. “No, we don’t have a spa, in case you’re wondering. It’s just the name", said the girl at the reception.

NisseGrip 001

“I’m going to sell this at Stalin."


This hubba was right next to the Spa Hotel. Technically, Nisse didn’t make that trick though. He jumped off. And then we got kicked out. But hey, this is the Internet, it’s all lies and pseudonyms anyway.

GrugMoney 001

Never seen that photo in my life, don't know how it got in here.

KoffeLaughing 001

Nothing to do with the previous photo (which I've not seen before btw) the story here is that Björn broke his nose in a bar one time. He ended up with a snout like a French bulldog. Couldn’t breathe too well, made a winging sound and ran out of air in the stairs. So he had a nose job. Ever seen a person who’s just had one done? Their chubs swell up like balloons. Bjerten’s nose filled up half his face. He has a photo of it on his iPhone. Ask him next time you run into him. Koffe’s looking at it right now and as you can see it's a good one.