After a good night of no sleep, we got in the van again in Rostock, Germany. The plan at this stage was to get the hell out of the “premium countries" with their premium price tags in the west and north of Europe. Head south for the weather, head east for the affordable life.


Off the Crack Ferry in Rostock, 6am. Match sticks wedged between eyelids and head towards Berlin.


Pit stop by the autobahn. Check the map. Check the teeth. Check your head.


This being a Sunday, Nisse Boy wallies off a church wall in Dresden to earn some points.


Josef Scott Jatta warms up his wooden legs in Dresden’s DIY park while a doppelganger looks on. Creepy. Why is that chair there anyway? Like he knew we were coming and this was going to happen.

DIYDresden 001

Jonas and Bjerten get down and dirty for the sake of some more points while a primate lurks in the background.


Josef bs flipped the barrel and we piled back into the van. Quick stop for falafel and we’re on our way to Prague. Cross the boarder away from premium prices.

ErikNisseMorning 002